Lost ledgers are lost transactions, lost pieces of history. 

I mostly write on Twitter and you may know me there as @lollydaggle. I'm an active participant in the #Insulin4All movement and I'm part of the #WeAreNotWaiting movement because I DIY close loop with Loop. I've had diabetes for 22 years and my mom passed away from diabetes complications when she was 46. I live with my boyfriend, who is a rare-cancer survivor and our two cats. 

This place is for longer forms of writing beyond what I can accomplish in a well-crafted tweetstorm. I'll mostly be talking about diabetes, especially topics relating to insulin access and grassroots advocacy. I live in Arlington, Virginia and often attend diabetes related events on the Hill and elsewhere. 


DISCLAIMER: Views are mine, only mine and do not represent my employer or any other groups I'm involved with. Writings do not constitute any type of medical advice and I am not a health professional.